Process Cooling

With growing industrial complexities and quest for quality, today almost all industries incorporate heating ventilation air-conditioning and refrigeration to alter heat, moisture, pressure, composition, quality of air at both the component and system level to bring in more efficiency in the production process, operation of the equipments, and comfort of workers. 

Different industries demand different application of the HVAC systems ranging from general cooling applications to complex air management systems. 

  • Air Conditioning 
  • Dehumidification
  • Ventilation
  • Energy Recovery
  • Air Filtration
  • Air Sterilisation
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Heat and Smoke Extraction 
  • Spot Cooling
  • Precision Cooling

Temperature and Humidity of Air are the two most fundamental parameters that demand alteration that makes the environment suitable for production processes. Together these two parameters make the air highly active chemically, thermodynamically and electrostatically.

We, at Comfonomics strive to provide our customers the best solutions for their temperature and humidity control needs.

Different integrated systems like Chillers, VRFs, Spot Coolers, Ductable Units, Air Washers are employed to achieve temperatures in the range of -40DegreeC to +60DegreeC in the control range of +- 0.1%

We use both Cooling based and Dessicant based Dehumidifcation Systems depending on the requirement to achieve Humidity levels in the range of +20RH to +80RH in the control range of + – 2%

Industrial Ventilation in its core is the supply of fresh air and exhaust of inside air present in the system. There is change in temperature, humidity, contamination level of the air present in the process area and the same needs to replaced by outside air to maintain proper working environment.

We design ventilation systems with great focus on the two parameters –  air exchange efficiency and ventilation effectiveness.

Combination of different types of fans, air washers, dry and wet scrubbers in conjunction with optimum system placements are used to get the Ventilation Rate between 12 to 60 ACPH (Air Change per hour) to achieve  proper air flow direction and required Efficiency.

Air Pressurisation is very important in certain applications where the mixing of process area air with outside air is not desirable

Positive Pressurisation – Activities like Food processing, Data Centres, Clean rooms, Electronics manufacturing, etc requires air which is cleaner than the outside air. Any air entry into such areas is through controlled mechanism which cleans it before entering it into the process area. To avoid any natural leakage of outside air into the process area, air Inside in maintained at relative positive pressure to ensure that the leakage if it happens is from inside to outside and not vice versa

Negative Pressurisation – Certain Applications like Quarantine zones, Research labs, Chemical processing, etc where the inside air has contaminants which can be detrimental to people outside are maintained in negative pressure where if any leakage if it happens is from outside to inside

We design comprehensive air pressurization systems integrated with real time monitoring to ensure the objective of air pressurization is always achieved. Depending on the application and stringent environment required we pressurize the system in the differential pressure range of minus 30 Pascals to plus 30 Pascals.

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