Data Centres

Air-conditioning systems for data centres are designed for year-round cooling with very high cooling intensity per square foot of floor area. The high sensitivity of electronic components in such facilities requires that temperature, humidity, air movement and air cleanliness must be kept consistent and within specific limits to prevent premature equipment failures and costly downtime. It is reported that 1% of worlds energy is used to cool data centres, therefore maximizing efficiencies is clearly vital.

Our inhouse team of data centre specialists can help clients design and construct the optimal design of HVAC System to ensure minimum down time and best efficiency. Comfonomics’s ability to design and construct the most efficient and tailor made solutions will ensure the OPEX costs are the lowest that they can be and the data centre’s PUE is maximised and redundancy is provided.


Comfonomics’s data centre design engineers have an innate understanding of the internationally accepted environmental standards required for operating data centres. ASHRAE TC9.9 provides guidelines on temperature, humidity and contamination and our solutions ensure that the data centre is maintained in line with these recommendations.

Some of the standards used in the design are as follows :-
 International Energy Conservation Code: IECC. 
ASHRAE Energy Standard for Buildings: ASHRAE 90.1. 
 IECC – 2012

o   C403.4.1 Economizers
o   C403.4.1.1 Design capacity

CDVL’s seasoned execution team, with core focus on Quality, Safety, and Timelines, has successfully delivered several data centre projects. With 40+ engineers in-house, Comfonomics has helped its customers to deliver projects not only on-time but also with the best PUE. 

Having worked extensively on varied systems including DX and Chilled Water Based Systems on the Air Conditioning side, Raised Floor and Over Head Air Distribution Systems, our design and execution team gives the added advantage to our customers.


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