Controlled Environment

Different Industries depending on the application they are undertaking require control of the composition, motion and intractability of air to get the desired results.

Example of some industries and the control of air they require.

  1. Data Centres – Non Corrosive Air
  2. Pharmaceuticals- Sterilised Air
  3. Metals– Smoke and Heat Extraction
  4. Mining – Ventilation
  5. Operation Theaters – Laminar Flow
  6. Textiles – Humidity Control
  7. Commercial Buildings – Cool Air
  8. Malt and Beverage – High CO2 Level
Turnkey solutions for auto manufacturing

Various Applications like Welding, Deburring, etc produce localized heat in the components which needs to be cooled. We provide solutions to offer Cool Air at the specific spot where the temperature change is taking place in the component while it is being worked upon.

Spot cooling eliminates the need to cool the entire area thereby providing substantial energy savings while fulfilling the desired process objectives

Some Applications require absence of any noise in the area to meet the application requirements. Along with Acoustic Insulation of the Boundary Surfaces the noise that is transmitted through Air also needs to be controlled in this case.

  1. Anechoic Chambers for Machine and Equipment testing – Vibration testing is done to determine the mechanical properties of any machine and equipmemts.

We design systems to acoustically insulate the boundary surfaces of any outside noise and also design Air Conditioning systems to ensure no sound is carried by air inside the Anechoic chamber.

  1. Recording Rooms – we design Acoustic Insulation and Airconditioning System to ensure very low external sound to facilitate the most efficient system operation

We at Comfonomics, design Low Sound Air Systems for various industries and applications with minimum Decibel levels of 18Db without any deviation from the output control range while in operation

We design automation systems to provide any application with air with consistent parameters. Robust Monitoring systems are designed to ensure realtime data collection at best accuracy levels which is then fed into the feedback loop system to automatically make any changes in the operations to keep the air parameters within the set control levels

We design automation systems to control any combination of air parameters like temperature, humidity, composition , sterility , pressure , pollutants and more.

Controlled Environment Works

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