Automation is rapidly catching up in every industrial activity. People are realizing the benefits of automation in achieving reliability and durability of machines , efficiency and effectiveness of processes, throughput and quality of end products.

Our Automation Systems are designed with feedback loops to ensure that along with proper monitoring of parameters, diagnostic commands are also being generated to make any adjustments as required to keep the parameters within the control range.

We work on variety of communication protocols like BACNET, MODBUS, TCPIP, LONTALK etc and also provide connectivity module to connect our automation systems with the industries master automation network.

  • Engineering Services and process control Solutions of  Air, Water, process fluid in Automobile, Food, Beverage, Breweries, Textile
  • Intelligent Motor Control Devices for accurate control of MCC
  • Motion Control System  for the enhanced production Finishes Good packaging
  • Real Time Analytics  of Plant production, Energy Monitoring, Process Variables  and linking to QAP of the plant
  • Manufacturing analytics through reports and dashboards based on Plant needs
  • DCS Implementation
  • iOS/Android  and Cloud Based Customized HMI / SCADA Systems
  • PLC Systems to help in the standardization of products across the entire manufacturing life cycle
  • Retrofit of  SCADA systems irrespective of the PLC Platform and Communication Protocol
We provide customized Programmable logic controllers as per customers specific needs.  The objective is to make PLC controls which captures the correct correlation between various variables and thus provide the most optimized solution which helps in enhanced process management
Any automation system cannot provide the best performance until its interface with humans is not proper. We design our human machine interface keeping in mind easy operability ensuring operator gets all the information required in a single pane.

With the advent of AI, We are also striving to make our systems artificially intelligent so that they can decide the diagnostic actions without any human intervention. Systems are designed to capture historical information related to weather conditions, time of use, air quality , system load etc which then process these data to give most optimized solution in the present.

Automation Works

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